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What Chrysalis Offers 

Welcome to Chrysalis, where visions are meticulously transformed into reality. Our suite of bespoke design and notary services is crafted for those who seek nothing less than excellence. Here, every detail is an opportunity for distinction.

Logo Design

Our logo design service is an exercise in precision, offering tailor-made vector and raster images that resonate with sophistication. Available in diverse formats, our logos are a testament to your brand’s unique identity.


Packaging Design

Elevate your product’s presence with our custom packaging design. From elegant labels to bespoke boxes, our comprehensive service includes conceptualization and premier printing, ensuring your product is presented with unparalleled finesse.


Printed Media Design

Our expertise in printed media spans a wide array, catering to both essential business needs and grand event desires. We specialize in creating extraordinary pieces, from business cards and banners to exclusive event invitations and custom-designed table and window dressings.



In the realm of branding, we weave your narrative into every design element, creating a harmonious identity that speaks volumes. Our approach is rooted in crafting stories that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impression.

Digital Media Design

Our digital designs captivate and engage, crafted to seamlessly blend with your overarching brand narrative. From compelling social media graphics to impactful digital campaigns, our creations are designed to enchant and engage your digital audience.

Web Design

We create web experiences that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Our websites are custom-crafted to reflect the essence of your brand, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience that elevates your online presence.

Printing Solutions

Through our curated printing partnerships, we guarantee that each piece not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, bringing your designs to life with unmatched vibrancy and durability.

3D Design

Our 3D design service offers a new dimension of customization, providing a tangible glimpse into your visionary concepts, from intricate product prototypes to elegant architectural visualizations.

Engineering Design

Merging artistic vision with technical precision, our engineering design services cater to those who seek innovation alongside beauty, ideal for forward-thinking product development and industrial designs.

We Look forward to giving life to your vision.

Embark on a journey of creative transformation. Reach out to discuss how we can tailor our expertise to your vision.